CASE STUDY: Transforming Leader Development in Healthcare

The situation

In 2020, Modus approached Epworth Healthcare with 7,500 staff to ask if they would be open to trialing an innovative new learning model that moved workplace learning away from the classroom and into the flow-of-life.The approach involved creating learning experiences that participants could access anywhere, anytime and in any learning style(a comprehensive version of flipped learning). We then built new skills in each participant through online rooms that delivered focused practice time to small coaching groups. To watch a 3min program overview, click here.
Both parties agreed to trial a program covering the key conversations that all people leaders need to have in healthcare. After 6-months of development, the first pilot program of online-assisted training delivered learning materials to participants through videos, podcasts, and blogs delivered through an online learning portal.

Training topics covered

  1. Coaching conversations
  2. Difficult conversations
  3. Performance conversations

The solution

With online-assisted development, 250 NUMS and ANUMS at Epworth were able to access any leadership resources they needed, at any time. The content could be accessed on any desktop, or on any mobile device through a native mobile app. It was micro-learning but supported with expertly facilitated small group coaching workshops that focused on building skill and competence in leadership. The learning philosophy being followed was “deliberate practice” by Anders Anderson where participants identify a skill gap, set a development goal, then gain focused repetition in that one area with fast feedback from the coach and others in their group.

Client feedback

The fact that people can lift their capability in an essential skill in a way that is accessible and doesn’t take them away from the workplace for huge chunks of time has been fantastic. It doesn’t feel as overwhelming to co mmit to from a time perspective as it can fit into people’s day easily. It also caters to people’s differing need for detail method in the pre-work – you can either do a lot of reading/listening/watching or you can just cover the essentials and be ready for the session.”

Would you recommend this approach to others in healthcare?
“Yes definitely. It is a flexible, accessible way to provide critical skill development to employees. The ability to practice a skill, get expert feedback and then practice again in a supportive environment means it would be impossible not to improve and gain confidence.

– Group Learning & OD Manager, Epworth healthcare

Program NPS

Client feedback

A number of the program participants consented to us sharing a video record of their experiences on the program. Click here to watch what people from Epworth had to say.

Thanks for the training you provided. Your sessions were very relevant, well delivered and engaging. I’ll be enrolling my manage-ment team in over the coming year.

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