CASE STUDY: Creating Thought Leaders at Sportsbet

The need

In Australia there is a war emerging over specialist talent. While in hot demand, specialists frequently score lower on engagement scores and typically feel less ‘valued’ within organisations. Sportsbet, a leading corporate bookmaker, knew their specialists were vital to their strategic growth and wanted to create real opportunities for them to advance. 

They called on Modus to transform their top technical experts from task-based specialists in to valued 'Thought Leaders.'

After close consultation with specialists from all parts of their business, we piloted a 6-day learning experience.

The objectives were to equip their technical experts to:

  • Operate with a consulting mindset to add value in every interaction with stakeholders 
  • Analyse complex information, identify patterns then use these to create innovative solutions
  • Articulate complex messages making them easily digestible to a wider audience
  • Understand their personal values and beliefs in relation to others and remain open-minded

The solution

To gain traction with the audience, the 6-day experience was the exact opposite of most traditional training approaches. There were no slides. The facilitator was not positioned as the expert. 

And despite the audience not being people leaders, the Executive Team brought the specialists into the strategic planning process to help inform their decision making and shape the future direction of the business.

The immersive experience was delivered in 2-day frameworks spread over 6 months.




The frameworks targeted the following three areas:

  • F1: Consulting skills
  • F2: Strategic thinking
  • F3: Relationship master
Participants described the experience as challenging, conversation-based learning.

“In working with a large group of tough stakeholders the content and frameworks will be extremely helpful, particularly in navigating conflict, influencing, obtaining support and making advocates amongst stakeholders”

Solution diagram (for optional inclusion & enhancement)

F1: Consulting skills

  • Raising Self-Awareness
  • Becoming a Trusted Advisor
  • Expertise Brand Building
  • Defining a Value Position

F2: Strategy Leadership

  • Strategic Mindset & Skillset
  • Design-Led Thinking
  • Structured Problem Solving
  • 2020 Strategy Contribution

F3: Relationship master

  • Communicating with EQ

  • Presenting for Impact

  • Specialty-Based Coaching

  • Leading Cross-Functional Projects

The result

"By far the best thing that Sportsbet could have done for us in Tech"

Not only will Sportsbet run more Thought Leadership programs, they are inviting other corporates to send their specialists along for the experience. By creating a mixed industry program, participants will be immersed in the technical challenges of other large entities. The networking opportunity alone will be a major benefit to participants.
In post-program feedback, 100% of participants felt the program met their learning objectives and had equipped them to make a greater difference in their role. The syndicate-based business projects stand to create on going value for Sportsbet as these reach completion.
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