CASE STUDY: Bid Team Performance

The challenge

After being acquired by an overseas buyer, this IT service and solutions provider focused on swift and sustainable returns for the new owner. But the timing was going to be a challenge with several government contracts about to be released into the market for tender.

The Executive Team saw one upcoming tender with a large government agency as an opportunity to expand, rather than simply protect their service offering.

Designing and delivering a successful response to the tender was about to become an 18-month process. One that would require considerable executive engagement from the CEO and significant input from the Executive General Manager (EGM).

An upcoming Pursuits Team program developed by Modus, presented a timely opportunity, early in the planning cycle for the Executive to come together on a deep dive into the needs, wants and motivations of the Department. A strong focus on the firm’s value propositions, win themes, political considerations, partnering, innovative initiatives, value for money and low-risk positions were just some of the key strategic considerations to be worked through.

Bid program

The Pursuits Team program brought the Executive together with a strong focus on building a winning solution that would deliver outcomes in the best interests of the client.

Over two days the Executive undertook opportunity assessments, built stakeholder maps, and created power plans to form a rich understanding of the client’s needs. Rival teams then built and pitched solutions to a panel of external experts, brought in to play the roles of panel members with the client.

The program was part of a 2-year solution to support ongoing learning and development (see Table 1). The goals were to:

  • Support the business in selecting targeted methodologies for each service area
  • Build ongoing sales capability through an immersive series of development experiences
  • Support the ongoing learning and development of the sales leaders
  • Design and develop a national bid response for major opportunities

Business results

The executive involvement on the bid was substantial. The CEO and EGM approached its partners and formed a joint venture capable of meeting all the requirements being sort by the Department.

In all, more than 18 months of effort was needed from the consortia to create a compelling response to the tender.

Consequently, the firm and its partner organisation were awarded a multi-year contract with the government agency with a lengthy extension period.

It was one of the largest contracts ever awarded by a government department, with the value over services term predicted to exceed $500 million.

Participant Feedback

Sales Essentials. Net promoter score achieved = 82

I found it extremely valuable. The collective conversation and examples of real scenarios has been great for my learning. All content was highly targeted and really hit the mark.

Solution Sales. Net promoter score achieved = 88

Absolutely fantastic course. Personal approach and facilitator experience at Tier 1 level is insightful and powerful to have. Impressive tools that very quickly make sense in terms of how they can be applied and the value potential.

National Bids Approach. Net promoter score achieved = 100

Loved the content, structure, examples and “safe” environment to enable us to challenge ourselves. Great experience!

Gain consistency in sales approach & performance

Sales Essentials

  • Build core consulting & sales skills
  • Essentials common to all sales roles
  • ICT industry specific development
  • Firm sales strategic aligned

Solution Sales

  • Establish advanced consulting skills
  • Canvas the national solution sales teams
  • Move towards one unified sales methodology
  • Drive success with more complex sales

Drive higher levels of customer spending and deliver new business growth

Sales Leadership

  • Equip leaders to drive revenue growth

  • 360 to raise leader self-awareness
  • Sales leadership coaching element
  • Firm leadership principles aligned

Acquisition Sales

  • Bid performance program for securing large contracts

  • Consulting skills methodology for creating greater client value
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